Referral Networking Solution

Business Needs

The customer requires a referral based system to empower business professionals utilizing their connections most effectively.

The significant needs are:

  1.  Establish a referral network system which can be operated on any smartphone by users all the time.
  2.  Establish social network integration [Facebook, LinkedIn] and leverage power of the same.
  3. Enable organizations to adopt the system for multiple employees of the organization under single roof.

Technology Skill Set

  1. .NET 4.5
  2. Windows Azure
  3. Facebook SDK
  4. Stripe Payment
  5. MailChimp
  6. LinkedIn SDK
  7. Visual Studio 2012
  8. C#

Technical Objectives

  1. Design and implement distributed system that is easy to maintain/upgrade over expected heterogeneous devices.
  2. Business logic must be centralized for envisioned evolutions.
  3. The application must perform well on all smartphones [iPhone, Android]

PSSPL Solution

  1. PSSPL proposed and implemented central REST API service that is hosted on cloud infrastructure and holds business logic to match most of the technical objectives.
  2.  Utilized NoSQL database with CQRS design pattern for rapid access of the large database.


  1. It becomes much effective in terms of performance – to have cloud-based REST API with NoSQL as a database for Query actions.
  2. Having all business logic managed through central REST API enables easier evolution and fewer version updates of applications on iPhone and Android devices.

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