Event Management System- Gvstix

Business Needs

The client was looking for an Event Management site where they can host and customize events. The client did not wish to set any physical infrastructure, even for running the site. They wanted to manage everything through the web which could be easily accessed via mobile phones.

Technology Skill Set

  • MVC 5
  • AngularJS
  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • Entity Framework 6.0
  • STRIPE Payment Gateway Integration
  • Cloud – Amazon Web Services

Technical Objectives

  1. Responsive user interface
  2. Cloud Infrastructure – AWS
  3. Build the architecture for AngularJS
  4. Admin Panel – Customization of events and tickets
  5. Stripe Payment Gateway Integration

PSSPL Solution

  1. By doing the complete analysis on the client’s requirement, we suggested them to utilize cloud infrastructure and provided consultation for Azure and AWS. Then we found AWS to be the best option and proposed a cloud-based architecture to them.
  2. We have created this application partially service based so in future if the client wishes to develop a native application, then at that time, we don’t have to rewrite/work on same things.
  3. We created an Admin Panel – from where the client could manage everything (complete website e.g. users, inquiries, events, tickets, venues etc.)


  1. Complete Responsive web, which supports all devices [mobile/tablet/desktop]
  2. Completely responsive web solution, which supports all devices (mobile/tablet/desktop)
  3. The client can easily take control of the complete web application
  4. As we have utilized cloud infrastructure so the client can manage complete infrastructure from his mobile and check monthly cost and  all the billing related things as well
  5. Faster response – designed with Angular JS
  6. Can manage Google Analytics related stuff from Admin Panel

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