MVC List With Advance Filtering

Business Needs

Client already had the solution on some other platform. He wanted same with MVC. Basically requirement is to create a grid, which has some data for a particular project. User can filter with different conditions and also can group data for one level. Also filtered and grouped data grid can be exported to excel sheet.

Technology Skill Set

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014
  • Dynamic LINQ for filtering data
  • Bootstrap3
  • JQuery, JQuery UI, JQuery query-builder
  • NPOI for excel export

Technical Objectives

  1. Show data in a grid
  2. Drag headers and drop to a particular area to group by that column
  3. Advanced data filter that can include various conditions including “AND”, “OR” on different columns
  4. Export to Excel
  5. Achieve all these functionalities simultaneously and without using any paid tool.

PSSPL Solution

  1. Replication of functionality of old system and using existing database to work with new system
  2. Using MVC Architecture along with JQuery and other JQuery Plugins


  1. The user can see data as he/she wants. Data can be filtered, grouped, summarized etc.
  2. The grid can be exported to excel.

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