Video File Copy Manager

Business Needs

The client was capturing video using USB sticks which store many AVI based files into folders based on the stick. Generally, these files were manually being copied to a dedicated PC however this was time consuming. And can be over complicated. So, they wanted a desktop application that could perform such tasks seamlessly.

Technology Skill Set

  • Apache
  • Windows Form Application
  • NET Framework 4.5

Technical Objectives

  1. Detecting the USB stick when plugged in.
  2. Scan for all AVI files on the device.
  3. Show a list of AVI files with date and time stamp next to them.
  4. The user can then tick a selection of what file they want to copy.
  5. Verify the number of files selected and copied is correct in terms size and number.
  6. Show a color difference in the file list to show the files have been copied.
  7. Provide functionality for both USB Stick to PC & PC to USB stick

PSSPL Solution

  1. We designed a desktop application to detect the USB sticks when plugged in, show all video files on the stick and copy the files to and from USB stick and PC and finally verify the files copied are intact with color coding. Provide client functionality of reporting issues and viewing logs


  1. Reduced cost of operations.
  2. Reduced the complication for the client.
  3. USB to PC and PC to USB two-way operation from a single application.
  4. Hassle free detection of files which failed to copy.
  5. The client doesn’t need to go to USB stick and search for video files
  6. Easy Reporting and log viewer

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