Ecommerce Portal – Smart Home Appliances

Business Needs

The client has 20 years of experience in heating, air conditioning, sanitation and renewable energy. He is a well-known manufacturer of the hardware and software industry, a comprehensive smart home program for the intelligent, energy and cost-saving control of heating systems

Technology Skill Set

  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • SOFORT Payment Gateway
  • Checkout with PayPal

Technical Objectives

  1. Providing a store with all the e-commerce functionality with customized and design and features, like cart, inventory, checkout, customized search system
  2. Users account system after purchasing the product
  3. Manage registered member’s history, profile, order
  4. Design and develop site to best suit the need
  5. Live Chat
  6. SOFORT and PayPal Payment gateway integration
  7. General Blog feature with customized layouts
  8. MailChimp Integration

PSSPL Solution

  1. Added WordPress “Premium” theme with customized design and layout
  2. Customized the Woo Commerce templates to display in the customized layout
  3. Wishlist features for the logged in users
  4. Customized search features to search from specific category
  5. Woo Commerce customized widget integrated with the design and layout
  6. Add to cart functionality with the option of calculating Shipping cost based on the count
  7. Integrated  PayPal and SOFORT payment gateway to allow the user to pay hassle-free for the purchased product. and allow them to keep track of their payment from their user account
  8. Coupon code integration for applying discount on the product selected
  9. Customized Checkout form and tax setting options also included.


  1. The site nicely presents the store over the internet
  2. All the products, inventory and orders are easily manageable from backend
  3. Admin was able to create various products like simple, grouped, variable
  4. Organized product details and downloadable information
  5. Sharing the Products made easy with integration of social media integration

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