Omni Channel Integration

Business Needs

The customer wanted to integrate inventory of his existing Software to Web Shop in an automated way. Major functionality was Product Sync, Real-time Retrieval of Current Stock, manage inventory on his existing software when someone purchases from Web Shop.

Technology Skill Set

  • WordPress
  • Microcash inventory Management APIs
  • Woo Commerce
  • Woo Commerce API Integration with Webhooks
  • WooCommerce All in One Import plugin

Technical Objectives

  1. Daily article export from Micro Cash
  2. Real time Retrieval of Current Stock
  3. Manage inventory on Microcash POS when someone purchases from Web Shop

PSSPL Solution

  1. We implemented Woo Commerce Hooks and did API integrations for providing solution.
  2. Article export from his current software
  3. Every night, the current portion of or the complete (optional) article database – including the then current cash price – exported to a tab-delimited text file and made available via FTP, so the shop administrator can import this data.
  4. Retrieval of current stock
  5. The webshop is based on the SKU, real-time inventory retrieval from Micro cash, so the customer sees the current stock.
  6. Creating order, write off stock
Once a transaction is done in the shop, then this order to Micro Cash can be controlled according to the Micro cash software APIs specs.


  1. Real-time inventory management
  2. Product details were updated every day which helped customer to reduce his labor work to go and update the details at regular interval

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