Custom Timer Job

Business Needs

One of the clients was using manual and offline Microsoft access file based solution to store their business data. They were maintaining different access files for different zones that they were operating in. All these zone-wise data files were disconnected and independent of each other. The client wanted an online system with data accumulated from all these independent access files. They also needed advanced filtering, and sorting facilities on these data; along with dashboard facility containing various widgets showing useful information related to data. Also, they wanted to control the data being shown to various users of system.

Technology Skill Set

  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010

Technical Objectives

  1. First and foremost, system needed to import data from existing access files; that too at a regular interval so as to keep both systems in sync until the older system is discontinued from use.
  2. More metadata needed to be attached to existing data.
  3. Email notifications were required to be sent on encountering certain data states.
  4. Filtering and sorting facilities were to be provided on data listing.
  5. Security restrictions were to be provided on the amount of data being shown to various users.
  6. A dashboard was needed which would display useful data aggregations.

PSSPL Solution

  1. A custom timer job was developed to import data from access files.
  2. Mismatches and problems faced during import were logged and web parts were provided to search and manage these logs.
  3. Aggregate data from all zone based access files were stored together in SharePoint lists.
  4. Extra metadata fields were provided along with existing fields in SharePoint lists, which helped users to provide further details to existing data.
  5. A custom user-management web-part was developed based on business needs. This module took care of providing and removing appropriate SharePoint security rights to various users of site. A user could only see data for which he/she is authorized to work on.
  6. Custom web-parts were developed for listing various data. Custom filtering and sorting inputs were provided along with each data listing. Also, CAML query based paging was provided for each listing.
  7. Various web parts were developed to show widgets and charts to display user data.


  1. The solution provides a great online platform for existing scattered offline data.
  2. User based security restrictions ensured data authorization.
  3. Import timer utility helped both old and new system to run simultaneously without any trouble.
  4. CAML based custom paging ensured best performance in spite of working on huge amount of data.
  5. Log management ensures easy tracking of import problems.

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