Custom Workflow for University

Business Needs

Initially having paper based system for the leave approval, children fees request, clearance report, visa request and 11 others. That need to be made automated for the girls and boys university separately for the employee of the university.

Technology Skill Set

  1. Microsoft SharePoint 2013
  2. SharePoint workflow

Technical Objectives

  1. In system there are 15 workflows and each workflow run individual.
  2. No decency between them.
  3. Every workflow has particular users and there are also specific stages in each workflow.
  4. Every workflow is developed using SharePoint designer 2013 and all workflows are state machine workflow.
  5. There are many picture libraries to store university pictures as per departments and also there are many document libraries to store university documents.

PSSPL Solution

  1. State machine workflow
  2. Custom forms for the approval
  3. Intranet site
  4. Listing of the current users task on the dashboard
  5. Multilingual
  6. Pictures and document library for the user groups


  1. Intranet site for the university to automate the processes and reduces paperwork
  2. Multilingual

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