Intranet Portal Development

Business Needs

Client is software development Company. They wanted an intranet application that manages their daily routines like, Project Management, Human Resource Management, Blogs, Forms, Knowledge center and Support Tickets Management.

Technology Skill Set

  1. SharePoint 2013
  2. NET Framework 3.5

Technical Objectives

  1. Design & develop a portal for the new system.
  2. Create an intranet application that provides all the required facilities,
  3. Different types of reports like Productivity, Performance analysis Support management etc.
  4. Dashboard implementation
  5. Blog, forums and knowledge management.

PSSPL Solution

  1. SharePoint 2013 has been chosen as platform to design and develop the new system.
  2. We created a web-application with a site collection.
  3. We created sub-sites for each individual module.
  4. Company was using an existing project management system and needed relevant data in this system so we used API of existing to get data from the portal.
  5. Different workflows were created to handle needs like support ticket generation to resolution procedure, also to get details related to employee work for further performance management.


  1. Reduced operations cost.
  2. The system saves a lot of time as project manager and HR can get details from the system itself.

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