Knowledge Hub

Business Needs

The company was having a legacy system to manage projects and proposals with SQL as a backend and Oracle as weekly update source. So the idea was to have a Knowledge Management system on SharePoint that will replace the legacy system.

Technology Skill Set

  1. Migrate data from SQL
  2. Automate weekly update process to migrate data from Oracle
  3. Manage large amount of data more than 5000 by leveraging SharePoint Search
  4. Export search results to excel
  5. Configure advanced search
  6. Reminder emails to furnish the information
  7. Configure custom search refiners, display templates.
  8. Leverage SharePoint out of the box forms to provide consolidated views

Technical Objectives

  1. Main objective was to have a Knowledge Management system on SharePoint that will replace the legacy system.

PSSPL Solution

  1. We used CSOM for migration of the data from Oracle as well as SQL.
  2. We created consolidated views for representing project and proposal information along with their documents and descriptions by leveraging connected webparts feature of SharePoint.
  3. The volume of data was very large (more than 5000 in each list) so we had created event receivers for associating entities to their parent.
  4. In the legacy system client had poor search capabilities, so we worked towards providing a satisfying search experience.
  5. We customized search display templates for search results as well for refiners.
  6. We also created custom refiners. We provided export to excel functionality for search result by creating JSON Search Query from search page and passed it to Rest api.
  7. At many places we have provided type in text-boxes for the benefits of the users.
  8. We also created search results webparts to pass this knowledge to other systems thus fulfilling the purpose of a Knowledge Management System.


  1. Better Search
  2. Out of the box consolidated views to display information
  3. Lifting burden from users of remembering the information by providing type-ins
  4. Knowledge sharing with other system

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