Prototyping, A Key Step In Mobile Application Design
Oct 5, 2017

IN MOBILE APPLICATION DESIGNThe design of a mobile application is an extremely complex process. To have a detailed view of the project, you cannot do without prototyping: even if it may seem long, this essential step saves time and money.      

What is prototyping?

Making the prototype of an application is to conduct interactive models. These should not be confused with wireframe and mock-up, two other essential phases of the realization of a mobile app. The wireframe or functional models represent the screens of the application in a visual and static way, while the prototype is interactive: it allows to visualize the application and to test its operation.

An essential step

If prototyping is so important, it is because it allows defining the project in all its details. It facilitates communication between the client and the development team and helps in decision-making. This allows the team to organize further work more effectively. The other advantage of the prototype is that, as the application is user-centered: so we can include users early in the design process and use their feedback to improve the application. Do not prototyping is to put the cart before the horse and take the risk of conceiving an inappropriate application customer expectations and user needs.

Our tips for successful prototyping of an app

An effective prototyping is exhaustive: the goal is to have nothing to add at the last minute, which can be very expensive. We start by defining the menu of the application and organizing the contents of each screen, then by making a list of all the services and features that will be proposed. The specificities of tactile operation must be taken into account, with clearly defined interactive areas. Finally, even if the prototype should not forget anything, it is not useful to go into the details of the design. It is however imperative to define colors, even if they need to be modified later, as they are an integral part of the user experience.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile app prototyping: 5 core business benefits

  • Exploring New Ideas and Improvements
  • Client and Stakeholder Involvement
  • Justification for Funding
  • Quick Market Validation
  • The Working Model of the End Product

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