Reasons to Make a Redesign of Your Website


Trends on the Internet evolve very quickly, a website is not an end product but scalable, companies must take into account these evolutions in their web strategy to stay in the air for a time. The lifetime of a static site is estimated at about 3 years.

A website redesign is a specific service in the web domain, it can be partial or total and it consists of changing the visual appearance of a website but also its navigation and its functionalities to make it a modern tool. The redesign is, therefore, a “heavy” operation in the life of a website, it must be thoughtful, prepared and above all brings real added value to your site.

The objectives sought can be various: better image, optimization to SEO, brings newness of interactivity … Wondering again why and when to make a redesign of your website?

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Some good reasons to undertake the redesign of my website

  • Your site has “badly aged”, the design is dated and not very rewarding for your business.
  • Your graphic chart has evolved: you have decided to create a new logo for your company, so new business cards, new brochures etc … This is of course for a coherent and unified communication the design of your site must follow.
  • Your company has a special moment: it develops a new activity, associates itself with another company or simply changes its name.
  • Your website is not responsive, i.e. not compatible with mobiles and tablets.
  • The features on your site are limited; you want to add interactivity and certain dynamism.
  • Increase the conversion rate of your e-commerce site: the ergonomics of your site is not easy to use; the user does not directly understand how your site works and leaves it immediately. Change for a simple and pleasant navigation thanks to the redesign.
  • Taking control of your website: in order to let you as much flexibility as possible use a CMS platform for the new site that will allow you to manage the content without having to manipulate the source code of the site.
  • Optimize your website for a good SEO: a site created a few years ago, can no longer respond optimally to the requirements of search engines today.

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Prakash Software Tips:

  • Perform an audit, a thorough analysis of the current site prior to redesigning to identify strengths and weaknesses and areas for improvement.
  • Do not hesitate to call a professional for the redesign of your site.
  • Work your Brief and your specifications upstream.
  • The life of your site depends on your business and your environment, so do not rely on the 3-year rule.
  • Put a “Site under construction” waiting for page during the redesign to announce the upcoming change.
  • Do not forget to communicate with the new version of your site.

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