Why Responsive Web Design
Sep 20, 2016

Why Responsive Web DesignWhy Responsive Web Design?

The mobile approach is becoming increasingly important in the field of Internet and the prognosis for the sale of mobile devices continues to show significant growth. Thus, from a trend, a further evolutionary step in web development.

Why responsive design? In the meantime, not presents rather the question why? And in this regard there are really only a few arguments, the company could not move with the times and development persuade. Who wants his audience, or at least parts thereof not rule and also not want to miss out on a holistic communication or can, for should Responsive design be a significant factor in the communication strategy.

What is responsive design?

The basis responsive web design form so-called flexible layout or grid. These layouts adapt to the screen resolution of the display device used in each case, so that content such as text, photos and navigation are accordingly useful scaled and positioned. In dependence of the terminal so accordingly is adapted and optimized page layout output. It is thus possible with layout content dynamically for all devices, from desktop PCs to small Smartphone display.

With responsive optimized websites, it is no longer required specifically for certain Smartphone devices to create individually customized versions but it carried an optimization for all output devices.

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Reasons for responsive design


Responsive web design is by no means only a trend, but rather a to establishing itself Direction Standard. As already mentioned steady increase in sales of mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones shows it will soon become de rigueur or be essential that websites are responsive and the user an optimum possible access to content is made possible regardless of the device used.

Constantly new developments, which the technical and graphical implementation options as in the field responsive design, enhance the aspect that responsive design will play an important role in the future and needs.


Those looking for a good position in the search engine ranking: (keyword SEO specifically Google aims which cannot avoid a responsive version of its website, their blog or online store). Google supports and recommends the use of responsive design and applies this accordingly in its ranking factors with a. The optimization of web content for a cross-device display accordingly represents an important competitive advantage is, should take advantage of the company to be found around the web as simple and fast.

Responsive design has the advantage that no duplicate content is produced, because only one URL per page is used, which is in contrast to the use of multiple versions of a site.


Another point in favor of the use of responsive design is the subject of efficiency and sustainability. To reduce total responsive web design the effort with regard to care and maintenance of a website, as all content such as text and images must be created only once and can be used across devices. For pages that so often changed or updated are a great time saver. If one has however two versions of a site (a mobile device and a desktop PC) is one forced both sides to maintain each, adapt and update.

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The sensible and professional use of responsive design increases demonstrably usability of each Web site. Mobile users will not only be redirected to your own version or have to deal with the desktop version, which makes it difficult to use on smaller smart phones or tablets. In contrast, responsive optimized web content provide the user with a positive experience and user experience. Visitors will thus linger tended to be longer and, at best, stop by often again or the page.

The user feels so good; it is also more interest in that company has its services or products. An important aspect that should be considered as a site owner.

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