Business Analysis

Business Analysis

Analysis plays an important role when it comes to project whether it is starting phase or ending phase.

With the help of proper Analysis project moves in right direction. Consider a situation  wherein you are creating a shopping website and after creation you remember that it was suppose to support multi language with different currency option,At this moment of time you are in a delima what could be the next steps.But if we had done proper analysis of the project then this situation could be avoided.

We at Prakash Software  have experienced Business Analyst which not only would give your project right direction but also give a solution that is best fit for your project

We  personnel that have experience in the following areas

  1. Creating wireframes using best tools available
  2. Creating  workable mobile prototypes  to give you clear idea
  3. We also create cross functional flow chart  which gives developers proper flow of application with API
  4. Get a clear understanding about your database design using ER Diagram
  5. Requirements get more clear when we help with creating usecase , Understanding document and flowchart
  6. Proper project documentation to get a clear idea of how the product would work


ER Diagrams
Project Documentation

We help your business to grow by understanding your requirements and hence helping you by getting more ROI.

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