IT Help Desk And Support

IT help desk services is a subset of IT support services, which is advantageous in many ways including remote technical support services and round the clock support. Outsourcing IT support provides a single point of contact between a wide range of personnel, from the customers to employees and from the company to the business partners.

Help desk outsourcing to Prakash Software gives you a wide range of services like

  • Information Center
  • Technical Support Center
  • Computer Support Center
  • IT Response Center
  • Customer Support Center
  • IT Solutions Center

We provide business IT support services that are dedicated in remote technical support services. All the IT support services are independent of each other, but are also securely connected with each and every aspect of help desk outsourcing fundamentals.

Remote technical support services are finely mastered, so that no glitches may result in loss of business process time and effort efficiency. Advantages of remote technical support services are

  • Security: Because audit trail of review and validation of issues is possible.
  • Flexibility: Because the IT help desk services would be available for employees working outside the office.
  • Consistency: The expertise of our team leads to a consistent performance of IT help desk services.
  • Effectiveness: Multi tasking, and improved handling of several clients at the same time.
  • Improved productivity: Uptime improvement as time taken by a remote control is far less than sending a technician for attending the queries.
  • Cost: Desk costs and travel costs can be greatly reduced.
  • Quick Response: Immediate response when the user calls fine tunes the responsive time.

Outsourcing IT help desk services to Prakash Software solves a lot of problems in fewer steps, and more importantly helps in the integration of business processes in this arena.


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