SEO is the means by which traffic is diverted to your company through specific strategies on your website, optimizing it for the search engines. SEM is Search Engine Marketing, which includes efforts on your website plus paid advertising efforts. Other than this, SMM which stands for Social Media Marketing, dealing in the promotion and engagement with fans and followers in social media platforms is also a very interesting web and internet marketing.


Prakash is a local SEO company of India, providing excellent SEM, SMM, SEO services and PPC services. With the affordable SEO service from Prakash, your business ventures on the internet are destined to touch amazing heights.


The internet marketing strategies along with SEO services of Prakash also have pay per click management (PPC). For instant traffic on websites, PPC services are very fruitful. Our PPC services include

  • Keyword selection – We just don’t determine the keywords, we make it come in practical usage.
  • PPC tracking service – Prakash implements the tracking system of both Google and Yahoo.
  • CPC – (Maximum Cost per Click) is a result of search engines acting and performing differently. We make it a point to balance your rank in search engines, thus reducing you CPC as well.


Benefits of partnering with Prakash for SEO services are as follows:

  • Search specific content is shown
  • Pay per click management
  • Corporate awareness
  • Qualitative Lead generation
  • High Quality content to increase ROI
  • Long term search engine rankings
  • Website relevancy within the search engines
  • Escalation of alteration rates of online companies
  • CTR raising
  • Enhanced online marketing
  • Online reputation management
  • Brand monitoring
  • Reception of more traffic on the website

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