QA – Testing

QA – Testing

QA- Quality- At Prakash software we consider this as  most important aspect in project so we are more focused when it comes to testing

We use best tools for bug tracking which adds in extra feather in our cap as we use blend of experienced people with the latest tools.

We follow strict QA standard and practices. Following is the process that we follow

  1. Creating Test Cases
  2. Approving the test cases from the BA
  3. Module wise testing and tracking of the bugs
  4. Getting the bugs solved by developers and then again following the above steps until the software is stable for usage purpose

Apart from this we also do Usability testing i.e operating the software from user perspective which eliminates any bugs if left.

At Prakash software we guarantee you a stable software so that you dont have to get into the complicated process of chasing the people to make the software stable

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