SharePoint Business Intelligence

The SharePoint business intelligence software attempts to gather, order, analyze and distribute an organization’s business data so as to play a part in key decisions like costing, future ventures and performances.

SharePoint 2010/2013 business intelligence teams with attendant software like Excel, SQL server PowerPivot and SQL Server Reporting Services. The capabilities of our SharePoint BI team include

  • End-user data creation, manipulation, and analysis using excel services
  • Dashboard, Scorecards, and Key Performance Indicators
  • Work with large, heterogeneous data sources
  • Custom reporting using SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Automated distribution lists
  • Graphs and charts for rapid data visualization

Business intelligence and data warehousing complement each other. Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing with SharePoint gives the liberty to work with larger data sets from sources like Access, Oracle, Analysis Service Cube, Teradata and numerous other data feeds. It ably integrates the data, for smoother collaboration.

KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is a visual cue that shows the amount of progress made towards a goal. KPI usage helps to ascertain where an individual or a firm stands, in meeting with the deadlines and excelling them.

Our team aims to generate SharePoint Business Intelligence with the advantages of:

  • Accurate and intelligent reporting: Critical information can be obtained quickly, by providing precise reports.
  • Superb dashboards for business intelligence: Visual tools like charts and graphs help visualize better, and summarize the results.
  • Systematic excel reporting: Customizable API’s and intuitive user interface help in bridging the data and collectibles.
  • Analytic vies, scorecards and plans: Cost analyses, formidable prospects and future ventures can be judged by our superb subsidiary plans for your business.

Our end user tools provide the advantages of

  • Excel services in SharePoint server
  • Performance point server

Our business intelligence Platforms also provide the services like

  • SQL Server Reporting
  • SQL Server Analysis
  • SQL Server RDBMS
  • SQL Server Integration

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