Software Development life Cycle (SDLC)
Apr 1, 2016

SDLC as the name says itself it is the cycle ,a very useful cycle in project management. SDLC has 6 phases and each has its own importance Phase 1 : Planning and Requirement Analysis  and Gathering Phase First and foremost step is planning.Whenever we start any new thing planning is the first thing that we do even if we have to travel to some place we do the planning then when it comes to software development which is generally last for longer period we cannot neglect it.Generally it is the Business analyst or senior members that do the planning and Gathering the requirement of the client which may include various documents including SRS , Requirement Specification Document etc Phase 2 : Design This includes system design which would provide a structure of how the system would look ,This includes screenshots ,Wire frames comes in handy,Process diagrams etc Phase 3 : Coding The Requirement Gathering documents comes in handy during this phase wherein the system design and the requirements are framed in coding and the system development starts.This is the longest phase Phase 4: Testing Phase Testing -a must as we are humans and we are bound to make errors.Testing includes many kinds of testing including Unit Testing,Monkey Testing,Automation Testing etc. Phase 5:  Deployment Phase After the Coding and testing phase the product or the system is now introduced for the end users or sometimes there might be a possibility that the system would be under UAT Phase(User acceptance Test) where in the client would implement the system in the real environment and  after the approval of client the system is  launched for general users. Phase 6 : Maintenance After the system is introduced to the market that would be called phase 1 of the project and other changes /Modifications are released or done in the subsequent phases .   There are many models that are designed to follow the software Development life cycle
  1. Waterfall Model
  2. Spiral Model
  3. V-Model  etc

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