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Dec 8, 2016

Software Testing ServicesImportance of Quality Assurance in Software Development

Quality Assurance or QA Testing is a predictable step in software development procedure as it ensures that there are no defects or bugs in the app. Even if the software is developed with maximum care by the programmers, there may be some bugs or routine issues in it. Even when the world’s best software development firms claim on 100 percent bug-free programs, it is far away from the truth. for this reason, before the software is released, it should be tested thoroughly to fix the problems at an early stage.

Why is the role of QA in software development?

Before we talk about Quality Assurance in software development life cycle, let us be aware of what are the stages involved in it and what is the role of QA in it. Software development life cycle (SDLC) starts with requirements gathering wherein the project managers or developers collect the information about the clients’ specific business requirements. This first stage is followed by mockups, design, development, testing and maintenance. QA team is involved in each and every stage of SDLC and does parallel monitoring to ensure that the system runs smoothly without any anomalies.

Software Testing Services

A bug is a imperfection or a flaw in a program that can be caused because of several reasons such as human errors to technical glitches. Let’s discuss about a few possible reasons of bug in software development:

  • One of the major reasons for a bug in the program can be human error. The development of software may be carried out by several people and they tend to make mistakes.
  • Communication between the team members is a major factor for bug-free software development. Lack of communication or communication gap between the engineers can result in flaws and bugs in the system.
  • If entry-level programmers are assigned to the project, it can lead to defects.
  • Priorities and requirements may be changed by the clients and this can lead to alter the development process and lead to defective software.
  • Poor documentation of codes can lead to buggy app.

Take Away

At Prakash Software, we have a dedicated QA team and certified experts to test the systems efficiently to add value to your software. Adhering to the pre-defined strategies and guidelines, they make sure that a high quality product is delivered. Quality assurance is not the last link in the development process. Our QA professionals perform manual and automated testing during each and every stage of software development and optimize the deliverable in the best possible way.

Prakash Software Solutions PVT LTD. Offer wide range of services to their clients all over the globe. We successfully delivered projects i.e. software development, cloud computing solutions, SharePoint development solutions, mobile app development and Microsoft technology solution to our Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, France, Norway, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Brazil, Peru, UAE, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia Clients.

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