Still Not using Microsoft Azure?….Then you need to rethink.
Jan 4, 2016

Still not using cloud technologies???……. Then you should definitely think again. Azure has designed some of the cloud principles some of them are
  1. Transparency in data location and transfer
  2. Compliance certifications are available as documented in azure trust center
  3. Services are under the Microsoft Security Policy.
  4. We audit on your behalf and provide certification reports.
  5. Microsoft’s liability is capped, consistent with industry standards
This is what Microsoft has to say for SQL database (Source: “We guarantee at least 99.9% of the time customers will have connectivity between their Web or Business Microsoft Azure SQL Database and our Internet gateway.” 99.9%!!!!! This up-time I guess would be enough to at least not loose any business because of down time. 1 more interesting facts about Microsoft azure is  “You pay only for what you use”. So if your site is down for 1- day due to some reason that you don’t pay for that. Consider a scenario of Olympic games where in the traffic would be maximum during games and then rest of the year there would be no traffic so what about the infrastructure? Azure is the solution for it. This is just an example.There are much more scenarios where Cloud proves to be best solution So I would suggest only one thing “Move towards cloud Move towards better future”   Hybridcloud-1024x1024   Still if you have any doubts contact Prakash Software Solutions for best solution.

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