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MOSS 2007

Prakash Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Provides the services related to MOSS. MOSS is the abbreviation for Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server, it is the full version of the portal-based platform for managing, sharing and creating documents and web services. Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server allows the users to create “Sharepoint Portals” which includes Applications, Wikis, Shared Workspaces, and some other documents which are accessible through web browser. MOSS is used by many big enterprises as a content management system.

Sharepoint 2010

Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2010 is a platform for collaboration which is integrated with Active Directory and Microsoft Office. Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2010 is used to develop website and Users having appropriate permissions can quickly develop the website with Sharepoint Server 2010. Websites developed using Sharepoint Server 2010 can be used to manage collaboration tools.


Microsoft Sharepoint 2013 is a collaboration platform for some of the customized web services that were launched in November 2012. An initial release of this software offered a simple user experience and it has also provided the Enterprise Social Media Capabilities. An initial release of Sharepoint 2013 has also included a community forum for users so that they can communicate with each other.


Microsoft Sharepoint 2016 is a document management and collaboration tool with a software-as-a-service strategy. Some of the notable features of Sharepoint 2016 includes Access Services, Compliance Features, Document Library Accessibility, More Durable Links, Improved Encrypted Connections, Expanded Filenames, Image and Video Previews, etc. Sharepoint Server 2016 has the same source code just like Sharepoint Online.

SharePoint Online

Sharepoint Online is divided into three hubs:- One Drive, Newsfeed, and Sites. It includes the collaboration with external users such as customers or vendors. Sharepoint Online is basically available as a stand alone product or as a part of Office 365 suite. It includes Skype for business, Office clients, Exchange online and Web Apps.

Microsoft Office 365

It is an online version of a traditional version of Microsoft Office Software. This is basically an online service which works on subscription-basis. It includes Office, Sharepoint Online, Exchange Online, Microsoft Office Web Apps, and Lync Online. A main advantage of office 365 is that its cloud service is provided by the Microsoft. So, Due to this reason, it eliminates the company’s IT maintenance tasks such as patching and support cost for infrastructure. Notable features of Office 365 includes an office suite, Yammer, One Drive, Planner, Power BI, Delve, Sway, Sharepoint Online and Exchange Online.

SharePoint Framework

SP Framework is known as Sharepoint Framework. This framework allows the developers to extend their existing tools and solutions so that they can take advantage of open source opportunities. One of the most important components of a Sharepoint framework is new Sharepoint Page experience. With the help of this component, pages can be built on any technology and can be developed using any client-side JS and Templating framework.

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