Niels van Golden

Managing Director Colleqtive - Apps for Retail
“We have been working with Prakash for well over a year on 7 projects. Prakash has supported us in the development of our native Apps for Android, iOS, as well as our ASP.Net development. We are very excited about the partnership, the level of expertise and the pro-active spirit of the team. The entire company brings a positive attitude, combining a customer-oriented focus with a inner drive to deliver a successful project. It is a joy to work with the team, and also a big success from a business perspective: we have been able to sell a lot more projects than we anticipated.”


ICT Manager Australia
““We have been working with Prakash Software for the past year. We worked together on a number of specific assignments in the SharePoint 2013 domain. The Prakash team have been a delight to work with and have delivered solutions with a high degree of efficiency and quality. We will continue to work with the Prakash team on future projects, and highly recommend their services.””

Serge Ciregna

President Multi Media Conversion Services Inc.
“We have used Prakash Software Solutions for our website development project. We have found them to be not just competent software developers but also a very professional organization in all aspects.”

Andrej Novik

Head of Project A Czech Republic Company
“Prakash Software Solutions has helped us in developing an application for creative e-learning courses. Quality of work was very high and we are very happy that we decided to collaborate with this organization. We have great confidence in them as an ideal offshore partner.”

Lee Zieben

Partner ZK Homes
“I have worked very closely with Prakash Software Solutions and their team on few very large projects of our company. We have had certain strong requirements for various advanced technologies and programming details that they had the knowledge and experience to fulfill and satisfy us. Furthermore, they have been extremely fair and good with making sure that our company was happy and that all the issues with respect to the project delivery were resolved.”

Eva Caprile

Managing Director ClientView Pty. Ltd.
“My company has had the pleasure of working with Prakash Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,Vadodara for the past 5 years. In that time I have required them to undertake a number of development projects ranging from design and development of complex .net and Java applications to support of in situ applications. During that time I have demanded and received excellent service. My requirements have been very specific and exacting, as I want to deliver software to my clients that exceeds they have ever seen before. Prakash Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Vadodara have been able to meet these requirements very well.  ”

Mark Chickering

Vice President Apogee Technology Services, Inc.,
“We have been working with Prakash Software Solutions in all aspects of designing, implementation and supporting a critical portal site using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) technology. Apogee is happy to certify that the overall performance is found to be excellent and meeting the design standards in all aspects. Present and Past quality of services rendered by Prakash meets as well as exceeds Apogee’s expectations.”

Mikael Eriksson

CEO CapeSand International AB
“Prakash Software Solutions has helped us with the core part of our Content Management System including right management and GUI Controls. They have also helped us deliver three websites to our customer developed in ASP .Net, C#, HTML, CSS. We have a close working relation with Prakash at all levels. The management, project Leaders and developers are always fast in response and creative when there is a problem to be solved.  ”

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