The Future of Information Technologies
Nov 5, 2015

Simple and straightforward as it may sound, the main features of the future of information technology have some rather more complex implications, awareness of which could be the difference between success and failure.

Take connected devices, for instance: their numbers are constantly and steadily growing and they will be entering the digital flows in new ways that have yet to be created, says Emil Sayegh, chief executive of Codero Hosting, in an article for Wired’s Innovation Insights. Various new types of devices will emerge, too, and both old and new will become an integral part of our everyday lives. Gartner predicts that by 2020 the Internet of Things installed base will total 26 billion units. Or take the smart home, something that we may have in the not-too-distant future, with smart appliances, from thermostats to fridges to game consoles, all connected to the Internet. And what about big data analytics and cloud computing?

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All these developments will require increased flexibility for IT businesses so they can cope with the massive amounts of new information that will be coming their way and be able to process it. Innovation will be the other core factor for the IT sector in the dawning era of ubiquitous connectedness. As more data flows in, bigger storage has to be devised and new software infrastructures will need to be created to handle the data flood; infrastructures that can be scaled, such as those made possible with hybrid cloud technology. The key is to start working on it as soon as possible because things are changing fast, Sayegh concludes.

Source : futureofwork

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