Things to keep in mind while buying a new phone
Apr 25, 2016

Now a days there are many new mobile phones in the market which gives buyer to many options and some times which can confuse buyer. But from say 50 options what could be the factors that you should keep in mind so that you can get most out of it . Here are some of the points that could help you to decide which phone you should go with 1.Processor  You might have heard that this Phone is octa core ,Quad core ,Hexa Core etc. but what this actually is? Octacore processor is more powerful  then Quad Core and hexa core as it has 8 core as the name suggests and gives more power to your device. This would increase your phone performance.But as the cores increase there are also some disadvantages of octacore which include heating of phone and hence battery drains more quickly The first octacore processor was launched by Mediatek and it was name as Mediatek MT6592 which has has eight ARM Cortex A7 cores running at the same time, clocked between 1.7GHz to 2GHz.   2. Battery If you have a smart phone then you know the importance of “Battery”. Days are gone when you needed to charge the mobile phones once a week or after 3-4 days.So why the battery nowadays last maximum a day? The main factor is the processor and the applications installed on the phone .You can determine the battery by its MAH value. Generally the battery used is LI-PO batteries which is usually called  lithum Polymer .   3.Memory In the era of mobile phone if your phone  don’t have enough memory then its of no use.With the increase in the megapixel of camera the photos clicked would have fairly large size.For e.g I-Phone every time comes  with enhancement in their camera features,HTC with ultra pixel technology definitely needs some space in your phone to be stored and you also would like your memories to be with you where ever you go.   4.Purpose I consider this as the most important point when you go to buy a phone as this would decide everything including budget .If you are a gamer then your purpose of buying phone is completely different then a person who is a photo freak as his inclination would be more towards camera.   So mobile phones are necessity but choosing best phone according to your needs is most important.    

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