Tips for Designing Your Web with good UX
Sep 15, 2016

UX Design Tips5 Tips for Designing Your Web with good UX

When we are designing a website, one of the main concepts that we consider is the UX, web usability or what is the same that web design is designed from its function and therefore reach it. Sometimes when we think of UX we not only have to stay with the factors we can control design, but also the emotions and feelings that we can pass on to them. Think why the item is there and use all our weapons to carry out its function successfully.

Because when designing a web, we must apply the same principles when we talk about any design, for example the packaging: how beautiful it does not meet a function will be alone in that. Well, when designing a website we must take into account all l so elements involved in it and give each a specific design so that the UX work.

Some time ago, we saw some web elements in which we should pay special attention to its design, since they could be of great help, but today we will take a step back and talk about general characteristics of the factors that you should bear in we account before starting the design process. Let it!

  1. Use the universal language

Sometimes when we are really into something, for example, something as mundane as a discussion costs us put ourselves in the other position. And the same happens in the design process. We must understand that we are designing for someone and therefore, the more facilities and explanations demos; the easier it is for the other person to continue on the other side.

It is therefore important that the language is very clear and the buttons and clearly recognizable icons. There are times to be creative, but there are others where creativity without losing what counts is to be clear and the message is transmitted in full perfection.

For example if we have an online store, the international symbol is the cart, but we can also use other elements such as a bag. But if your idea is to put a crescent … Think about it, because you can confuse your user when you add a product that is not what the next step to give.

Uses the universal language on those elements that are important get your user is not left on the road. If there are established standards, trust me, this is not the time to skip them.

  1. Confirms every step you go giving

In the same way it is very important that certain elements may not lead to ambiguity, so it is that the user knows at all times what has happened is if you are performing or process.

So it may be interesting to place bars percentages or steps during a purchase, a download or a subscription. Sometimes not knowing if we are more steps that we hope makes getting irritated and leave the process half. We are usually very impatient when we surf the internet so everything that makes clearer our location, is a point that we are winning.

  1. The user is the one who has control

When we enter a website and find it difficult to navigate it is very likely to end up closing the tab and going to something else. When sailing we like to know we have control, we can return from one tab to another, that if we find an element or a word can, and that ultimately, we can make our web.

Certainly it happened to you that navigating a web has reached a point of no return and the end has not had another solution to close it. Let us avoid all those vanishing points and let our user freedom to navigate at will. Few pages links with each other and not lose sight of the menu. We all like to have control

  1. Let’s use color psychology

Yes, we will be repeating until the end of the day (and possibly a day later), if the colors carry different feelings pairings, we use these colors to awaken those same feelings in users.

Just as when we talked about the language we said that we would use universal terms, in the same way we do with colors. The green always used to validate a step, the red to cancel and more converts button is one that is orange.

  1. All of the above, but with an attractive design…

Okay, we made the previous four steps, but you cannot forget the most important. Everything has to be wrapped by a good design that is appealing to the eye and make your different from your competition web.

Use correctly all the above items but do not forget to choose the palette that best suits the perfect typography and of course the artwork or images that make your creative and original web.

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