Tips for a successful Interview

Sometimes you might think that you had a good interview but then also the response didn’t turn in your favor so what could go wrong  here are few tips that you should keep in mind while you go for an interview or go for an interview

 1. Resume

Everyone would carry resume with them but the way you structured resume is more important as it is reflection of your career in 2-3 pages.

Be honest with what you write in it.If you write reading as your hobby then you should be really have the reading habit. It should not be the case where interviewer would ask you read fiction or non fiction books and you would not be able to answer.

Resume should be as specific as possible no one is going to read 4-5 pages of resume.


2. Importance of time

If your interview is schedule for 10:00 AM in the morning then you should be there at 10:00 AM .This would show that you respect time and that is the most important prospect when you go on projects


3. Confidence

If you are not confident in your answers then you loose your 50% of your battle.If you are answering a question than you should stand your answer


4. Know your company you are going to

Generally the questions would start from why you want to join our company after you are done with your introduction so one should visit company’s website and get an overview what are the domain area’s that company is working with.

5. Personality

The way you carry yourself is another important factor as before your technical skill if you don’t carry  yourself well enough the battle is lost so it is recommended that you always should wear formals during your interview accompanying with a file that would contain  your certificates never carry a loose resume.



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