Tools to Boost the Growth of Your Website
Oct 11, 2017

Boost the Growth of Your WebsiteTools for Traffic Acquisition

With Colibri, you now know where your customers most engage online so that you can get into relevant conversations. The goal is obviously to improve your conversion rate.

Strong points:

  • Diversify your traffic and improve SEO by participating in good web conversations
  • Integrates with Google Analytics

Pay With a Tweet

Pay with a Tweet allows you to give people access to your content or product only when they have tweeted or published about it. This is a great way to act in the early stages of launching a product or to ensure that your content spreads quickly on the web.

Strong points

  • Make your promotion through a post on major social networks, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Xing…
  • Measure traffic, clicks, sales and geolocation data
  • Customization adapted to your brand/website


Nimble is a customer relationship management tool that combines all your contacts, e-mail, social networks, activities … and that you are wherever you go so that you can maximize your relationships in order to grow your business.

Manage 1000 contacts on multiple channels

Find out about significant events such as birthdays or mutations

See who is talking about you or your brand so you can get involved at the right time


MixRank helps you find new customers by reducing prospects and traffic sources to zero with real-time information from its database.

Strong points

  • Find thousands of new traffic sources on locations most likely to reach your target audience
  • Monitor the tests and see which creatives, ads, and landing pages are most effective
  • Identify which advertisers are bidding higher, and learn from their successful campaigns


Twighlighter increases your traffic by facilitating sharing. With Twilighter, visitors to your site, or blog, can easily highlight your content and share it immediately on Twitter.

Strong points

  • Easy configuration in 47 seconds, yes yes, 47 seconds
  • Twilighter highlights the most shared content on your site/blog so that new visitors see it immediately

Tools for acquiring prospects & customers

Hello Bar

Hello, Bar is a delightfully simple tool that allows you to insert a call-to-action button into a horizontal bar at the top of your site. You create your bar and your CTA around one of three objectives: generate traffic, collect emails or direct visitors to your social networks.

Strong points

  • Track the number of clicks of each “header” bar
  • Specify which pages your Hello Bar should / should not display, and schedule the bar to be displayed only on certain dates
  • Customize the color of the header bar and the button so that they match the design of your site

Bounce Exchange

Bounce Exchange helps you transform visitors who leave your site to customers by inviting them to “convert” just before you leave.

Strong points

  • Installation in 10 seconds
  • Allows A / B tests on your ACTs
  • Exit-Intent technology allows you to capture information from visitors who are about to leave your site (and may never come back)


KISSmetrics gives you in-depth knowledge of customers by connecting all your data to real people.

Strong points

  • Easy configuration process
  • Understand how customer behavior changes over time
  • Identify who is present at each step of your funnel so you can reach them more meaningfully


CrazyEgg shows you how visitors behave on your website: where they click, where they stop reading or watching a page, and allows you to segment your traffic based on user behaviors.

Strong points

  • Very simple to install
  • Answer your main questions about how users behave on your site without running dozens of tests a / b


Totango allows you to invite visitors and users of your site to experience your product so as to influence the conversion.

Strong points

  • Identify “hot” leads
  • Get the information you need to make smart tracking calls or emailing
  • Send to the sales team daily emails with the status of the tests in progress


Unbounce is a landing page builder for marketing specialists. It allows you to create, publish and perform A / B tests on landing pages. Unbounce enables marketers to act independently of technical teams, improve their efficiency and ability to generate sales.

Strong points

  • Produce high-conversion landing pages without dealing with IT teams
  • The “drag and drop” interface makes it easier to customize landing pages
  • Create a form without technical knowledge or HTML


Optimizely helps you increase engagement, interactions, and conversions on your website by making a / b testing super easy.

Strong points

  • Perform a / b tests on your site without having to modify the code
  • Be able to run all your optimization ideas on your site in minutes
  • Follow key metrics that tell you how these changes behave

Visual Website Optimizer

Like Optimize, Visual Website Optimizer simplifies the / b tests and allows non-coders to run tests on their site very easily.

Strong points

  • Set the conversion goals for each a / b test so you know exactly which version gets the desired results
  • Supports various a / b tests


ClickTale is a customer experience analysis tool focused on site optimization & conversion analysis. People use ClickTale to analyze the performance of their online forms, keeping visitors engaged with the content of the page and driving them through the conversion process.

The slogan is: “Created by marketers for marketers.”

Strong points

  • Easy installation (just copy and paste the JavaScript code on your site)
  • Approve hundreds of thousands of visitors by browsing sessions or zooming in on a single visitor
  • Use heat mapping technology to improve the customer experience and increase conversion rate with form analysis


Zapier is an excellent tool that allows almost anyone to do a job that traditionally requires the help of developers. It allows you to connect the web applications you use, which makes it easy to automate time-consuming tasks.

Strong points

  • Do the work normally reserved for developers
  • Ability to connect more than 300 applications


Gumroad helps small businesses and creators – including independent writers, designers, game developers, musicians, artists, and anyone – to sell their products online without having to create a complete online store.

Top 5 Mobile Trends

Strong points

  • Easily sell your products with a wide range of file types, such as HTML, iBook, PDF, and MP4.
  • Create customized covers for your products to enhance their “style”
  • Connect Gumroad to social networks, including SoundCloud

Tools for market research and user feedback


Qualaroo allows you to survey visitors to your site to understand what they are looking for and therefore react accordingly.

Strong points

  • Available on PC & mobile
  • Qualaroo reveals the why, not just how or how – Discover hidden objections, identify valuable features and improve conversion rate from site visitors to prospects

Consumer Barometer

Consumer Barometer gives e-commerce companies the information they need online consumers to make more informed business decisions.

Strong points

  • No registration required. Just go to the site and start
  • Easy and attractive user interface


Typeform humanizes online surveys with a wonderful, fun and interactive way to ask and answer questions.

Strong points

  • A user experience that makes your questions fit everywhere
  • Make your questions match your identity and transform them into brand ambassadors
  • Integrated analysis tools that reveal some hidden trends.
Improve Loading Time in WordPress Blog


Polldaddy allows you to create surveys so that you can get customer feedback or conduct market research.

Strong points

  • Retrieve responses on your site, via email or mobile
  • Powerful reporting and filtering capabilities
  • Highly customizable


Olark is a chat application that allows you to connect with visitors to your site. It will tell you who is on your site, on what page exactly, what they are looking at on your site … so that you can connect with them in a more meaningful way.

Strong points

  • Targeted chat allows you to set rules to interact only with clients that go to a specific page or perform specific behaviors
  • Integrates with leading CRM, including Salesforce, Zendesk,, and Highrise, to track all correspondence with all your prospects and customers
  • Fully customize your design with customization features
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