Top 5 App Mobile Trends
Sep 29, 2017

Every year, mobile traffic accounts for an increasing share of global web traffic. Mobile applications are constantly evolving as new technologies become more widely available to the general public. Companies have a great interest in integrating mobile phones into their development strategy. We present five mobile trends to watch out for in 2017.

  1. Bots learn from their mistakes

In 2017, the bots are increasingly interested in companies of all sectors, especially as they become more and more intelligent thanks to machine learning. Indeed, these robots learn by gathering as much data as possible and using them through a learning algorithm. They must, therefore, be given time before they become fully operational. They are destined to become, in the coming years, real personal assistants.

  1. from touch to voice

The nostalgic remember very well the physical touches of the Nokia 3310 and other “dinosaurs”. You had to press the same key several times to get a letter. The launch of the first iPhone in 2007 announced a first major upheaval in the world of mobile with the appearance of the touchscreen. Ten years later, the tendency is no longer to the touch but to the voice. Indeed, there is a multiplication of voice searches and voice messages in mobile messaging applications. The “man-machine” relationship is evolving and the big companies of the web respond to these new uses by offering each their vocal assistant (Siri, Google Now, Echo,). The personal resolution 2016 of Mark Zuckerberg was also to create his own artificial intelligence. This personal assistant named Jarvis is commanded by voice and controls his house. Actor Morgan Freeman was chosen to give a voice to the AI.

  1. Analytics in a Big Data context for the improvement of the customer experience

In recent years, companies have collected large amounts of data (big data) without knowing how to exploit them. Thanks to artificial intelligence, machine learning, and API creation, it is now easier to (1) exploit these data (2) to couple them with existing services and to use them to improve ‘client experience. The analytics in the improvement of the customer experience is a real stake and can win you market share in 2017 by personalizing your exchanges with your customers!

8 Trends Of The Mobile Platform In 2017
  1. Virtual Reality

The virtual reality has a lot made about her in 2016, particularly in the entertainment industry. There are many applications: from the creation of original games, the retransmission of live events to the training of manual crafts in safety or to Health, many companies have taken the plunge. The trend should be confirmed in 2017 so why not consider it for your mobile project.

  1. Mobile-controlled drones

The drones market is booming as much on the consumer market, hungry for new technologies, as the private. In January 2016 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the Chinese company Chang presented an unmanned taxi-drone that will allow users to avoid traffic congestion in Dubai. The user can program his route in advance by using his mobile. Today, this vehicle is limited as much in the duration of the flight as in the weight or the speed. However, 2017 is surely a year of great surprises in this field.

Other trends already present in 2016 should be confirmed in 2017. This is the case of m-commerce, payment by mobile or even 360-degree videos. One thing is certain; the development of mobile applications is only at the dawn of a new era.

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