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Jan 11, 2017

WordPress PluginsTop 10 WordPress Plugins

A plugin is an extension – in the case of your WordPress instance. You’ll find not only the WordPress plugin directory, but also on various marketplaces on any subject or for any application a Plugin – some free, others for money.

Often, however, it is difficult at first to find this in the huge selection. We will provide you with some solutions that you should definitely have.

  1. iThemes Security: Security check for WordPress

WordPress Security is a significant issue because blogs with long range are a popular focal point for hackers. This can start with data loss and end with visiting damages.

“IThemes Security ” checks your security settings and makes you suggestions. In addition, iThemes Security blocks conspicuous users and increases the security of passwords and other important information.

  1. BackWPUp: WordPress backups made easy

Anyone who does not make regular backups will regret the latest data loss. Since WordPress does not make self-sufficient backups from home, you also have to help with a plugin here.

With BackWPUp you choose which content is stored, when and at what location. It is important to make backups at regular intervals.

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  1. W3 Total Cache: A plug-in for shorter loading times

Long load times will degrade your traffic and Google ranking. So you do not bother your users, you should add a cache plugin.

” W3 Total Cache ” is a comprehensive Cache plugin for that not only increases performance, but also makes Google happy.

  1. and 5. SEO plugins for WordPress

In order to land as far up as possible in the search engines, you have to optimize your content accordingly. Similar to the security, WordPress provides innately no SEO plugin (Which ranking factors play a role; you can in this article read). But there are also solutions for this.

“Yoast SEO” offers you an all-in-one solution that is widely used – with more than seven million downloads – and for its user-friendly interface known. For search engines to index your site properly, we recommend you beyond “Google XML Sitemaps “. The plugin takes away from the work, a separate Sitemap create.

  1. Social media icons for your WordPress page

Opportunities to make contact with today are an integral part of an Internet site. This includes social media integrations; they promote not only your traffic, but also help you for your own research.

“Social Media and Share Icons ” offer you icons in different styles. The integration is fast and easy.

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  1. Contact Form 7 – The Bored Contact Form

“Contact Form 7 ” is one of many contact plugins for WordPress, with over a million downloads, but also one of the most popular. It is easy to integrate and provides many useful features and ways to customize and customize your contact form.

  1. Spam control for WordPress: Akismet
E Commerce Developers IndiaWith Akismet you are protected against spam comments and contacts. Unfortunately the integration in Germany is not quite as easy for reasons of data protection. The user must confirm that the specified data and IP addresses are checked and stored in the US for the purpose of spam avoidance by the Akismet program in the USA.
  1. Compliance with the EU Cookie Policy

In the EU, it is an obligation to inform your website visitors about the use of cookies, explain what cookies are doing, and why you use them. Likewise, the visitor must be able to approve or reject cookies. So you’re in compliance the guidelines, you should a plugin like Banner WP cookie set.

  1. Jetpack: Manage your WordPress instance

Jetpack is a free open source plugin that allows you a dashboard for managing and monitoring your plugins, menus and Posts. You get visitor statistics, security services, and Jetpack helps you optimize traffic.

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