Use Enums for Bitwise Operation with Flags attribute
Oct 3, 2008

You may want to tag your enums with [Flags] should you need to tackle different permutation/combination using bitwise operation.Find the code below I put together quick as a sample…
class Test
public enum AccessRightsStates
Read = 1 << 0, //1,
Edit = 1 << 1, //2,
Publish = 1 << 2, //4,
Admin = 1 << 3 //8
static void Main(string[] args)
int combinedState = (int)(AccessRightsStates.Read | AccessRightsStates.Edit | AccessRightsStates.Admin);
Console.WriteLine("Combined State value = {0}", combinedState.ToString());
Console.WriteLine("Read state is {0}", ContainsState((AccessRightsStates)combinedState, AccessRightsStates.Read));
Console.WriteLine("Edit state is {0}", ContainsState((AccessRightsStates)combinedState, AccessRightsStates.Edit));
Console.WriteLine("Publish state is {0}", ContainsState((AccessRightsStates)combinedState, AccessRightsStates.Publish));
Console.WriteLine("Admin state is {0}", ContainsState((AccessRightsStates)combinedState, AccessRightsStates.Admin));
public static bool ContainsState(AccessRightsStates combinedstate, AccessRightsStates againststate)
return ((combinedstate & againststate) == againststate);

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