The Most Useful Applications for Motorists
Jul 12, 2017

Applications for MotoristsFor the comfort of drivers have been many mobile applications. Some show the status of the vehicle, while others help to find the charging station, the third reminded of where you parked. Let’s talk about the most useful applications for motor vehicles.

Applications for navigation and TomTom Osm And

If you are looking for an application for transport to help with navigation and at the same time it will work in offline mode – worth a try Osm And. Another great app works as a connection to the Internet, and without it – is TomTom USA & Canada. More than 70 million motorists are already using this application. He has:

  • search functionality,
  • More voice navigation,
  • Convenient free maps.

Trapster: forewarned is forearmed

This mobile application development for the driver to warn you of the speed control posts, traffic accidents, traffic jams and road surface repairs. You will be aware of the cameras, fixing the movement of vehicles. In other words, the app will provide you with all the necessary information for a correct choice of route and speed.


Repair Pal: effective car repairs

This is a very useful application which has already received the award. With his help:

  • You save the history of repair of your car;
  • You find the best service centers in the district.
  • The app will generate the cost of repairs;
  • Will cause a help if there was a failure on the road.
Trip Alyizer: What you skilled driver

Through the development of mobile applications for the driver, you can determine how well you drive your car. You will receive an assessment of the efficiency of driving, which is based on your driving habits. You will learn the following data:

  • How expend gasoline to 1 mile (MPG);
  • How much carbon dioxide is released your car;
  • How much fuel you refuel.
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Waze: Be aware of all the events on the road

This app is for transport will help you be aware of all the events on the road. It is used by over 50 million people in the world.

  • You will receive information on road conditions;
  • You are able to calculate the route and see a map of the area;
  • You will be accompanied by voice navigation;
  • You’ll learn all about traffic jams and get the data even about the fact that someone from your Facebook friends in a similar situation.
INRIX Traffic: Be punctual

Use this app in time to arrive at your destination. You will learn all travel news and find the shortest path.


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