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Aug 12, 2017

A tailor-made application must meet the needs of a project

Specific development

We have a great experience

A web applicationWeb Application Development is a communicating computer system that allows its user a considerable time-saving. The development of a customized application means offering a tool with simple and innovative functionalities and above all perfectly adapted to business constraints, with a direct impact on the profitability and the reputation of a project, product or service.

We develop tailored applications that perfectly fit your needs

Our web agency develops solutions and web applications tailored to meet the requirements of each project. Whether it is an application website for managing your business, a standalone web application on your corporate network (Intranet), a web application that can be distributed with an API interface or e-Commerce … we propose the development of application solutions, based on the latest technologies, thus offering a flexibility of use, ergonomics, and reliability. We give consulting services and make client-server solutions for the management of your business, your products, and services. The Web application development as an integral part of your process.

Applications tailored to the most demanding trades

Some jobs, such as tourism or travel, require a very specific payment system. We develop innovative systems to adapt to the constraints of the most demanding trades with even a direct connection to the information system of the company to validate the availability in real time, to pay a down payment of a product and to let it know In real time on the table of the person in company, the sending of automatic recall, etc.

Powerful projects

Web development or specific development takes place in several stages. This leaves time for a return on a first experience and allows adjusting the requirements and the functionalities of the versions to come and to have more performance.

Web App Development Services

Information Architecture

Unlike a traditional web site project, setting up an application web site requires a great deal of mastery not only of the techniques used but also and above all of the architecture of the information systems.

Personalized accommodation

We offer highly customizable hosting solutions that exactly meet the requests of each project in terms of scalability, computing power, space requirements, bandwidth, and so on.

Connectivity with other information systems

Web development or application-specific development provides the user with an unprecedented highly satisfying experience since it perfectly respects a very accurate specification. The application development allows answering concrete problems and proposing tools adapted to each circumstance. We develop secure applications with an upward and downward flow connecting directly to the company’s existing information system to perform tasks. This automates processes and limits errors while increasing the productivity of the in-house team.

Techniques and tools for web application development

We use Open Source languages and tools (PHP, MySQL) as well as highly productive development platforms or frameworks for web application development. The frameworks used also meet the requirements of the web today and provide rich interfaces that allow great interactivity with incomparable ergonomics and compatibility with mobile platforms.

Values and assets of Our Company

We strive to do our job fairly, honestly and transparently

Our communication agency works every day to improve the services and offers proposed to better meet the expectations and needs of its customers and always offer an impeccable quality of service. Prakash Software accompanies its clients in a sincere, transparent and serious way, from the first appointment until the finalization of their projects. The foundations of our communication agency are based on simple values, respect, and transparency.

Top Custom App Developers

We respect our customers and we honor our commitments

It is very important for us to respect certain values. Respect for our customers depends above all on respecting our commitments and deadlines, but also respect for the environment, ecology, and human rights. Not because it’s a fashion effect or because it’s a nice marketing concept that pays off, but only out of respect for our profession and because we believe in it. We offer a 100% customized service and a very close follow-up. Our goal is to create with each client a true partnership relationship that is sustainable.

We meet deadlines

One of the characteristics of our web agency is the respect of the deadlines and a guarantee of delivery according to the functional calendar. Our work methodology leaves nothing to chance; each project is studied and validated before starting to avoid unpleasant surprises that could lead to a longer development time and higher costs.

Our customers have a positive impact

At Prakash Software, we are convinced that our constant and repeated efforts lead to a general improvement of our services and benefits. Our unique means of communication is represented by our satisfied customers, who directly impact our structure through positive spin-offs and which give us a very good confidence index and a very good reputation.

How to save on the budget?

Understanding the needs of our customers is the most important step in this automation chain. Providing our customers with reliable solutions that fit exactly their needs is the key to the success of our projects so that we better understand the needs, the faster our response and the implementation of appropriate solutions. This saving directly impacts the time required for the project and therefore the cost.

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