WhatsApp Alternatives
Jul 26, 2016

WhatsApp alternatives11 applications to replace WhatsApp on Android, iOS and Windows

  1. Messenger

Facebook, owner of WhatsApp also has the Messenger application so that users of the social network can communicate. It is quite interesting because it also allows you to only use your phone number to communicate with others, leaving aside the need to have an account on the social network.

  1. Telegram

With a number of extra features compared to its competitor, Telegram manages to get out in front of WhatsApp on a number of factors: ease of use and navigation both via computer and mobile devices; Users can create groups with up to 1,000 members and has a much easier integration with other applications. Yes, Telegram is one of the best alternatives in relation to WhatsApp.

  1. WeChat

Extremely popular in China, WeChat has been gaining ground in the hearts of Brazilians, although difficulties and find formidable competitors in their way. With the application you can connect with Facebook so that your contacts are easily found, or you will surely have to talk while using WeChat.

  1. Skype

Available for a variety of platforms – Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Mac, Windows, Linux, BlackBerry, TVs (and even video games) – Skype, Microsoft ta application, is one of the most popular when it comes to communication. With it you can make voice calls, video or even beat a chat individually or in groups.

  1. Hangouts

Google is betting on practicality with your application to exchange messages Hangouts, which now also serves to exchange the social network Google+ posts. One of the latest trends in the application is that it becomes compatible with Apple Watch, Apple smart watch. It is possible to add your contacts from the Google network, create conversations in groups, send messages and make video calls.

  1. Viber

Still not convinced that there are excellent alternatives to WhatsApp? Then check the Viber. The application uses your phone number when creating the profile, and contacts are also found through their respective numbers. In addition to messaging, the application can also make voice and video calls, which comes to be something really more interesting than WhatsApp.

The Viber is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Bada, Symbian and Windows – yes, it is compatible with all.

  1. LINE

The LINE is another application for messaging that can easily replace WhatsApp on your phone. With a truly clean interface and versions for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Firefox OS, Symbian, BlackBerry, Windows and Mac OS X, the application also provides links for VoIP and traditional stickers already present in other applications such as Telegram.

  1. KakaoTalk

If KakaoTalk has won more than 100 million users around the world it was not for nothing and you can also give a chance to this application. It is cross platform and immediately after installation already checks your contact list to find out if your friends also already have their registered numbers in service. In addition to text messages, audio, event sharing, images and contacts, the application can also make calls to other customers.

  1. Yahoo Messenger

Whether an application with a number of features that are not in the other? Yahoo Messenger can be perfect for you. In addition to traditional exchanges messages for individual chats and groups, it allows sending gifs and other files, but a feature that is extremely interesting might be enough to win her heart: in it you can delete messages already sent, or if you end up saying something you should not, just delete the message “fails to be sent.”

  1. BBM

BBM is the application to exchange messages BlackBerry that works both in the company’s platform and the Android, iOS and Windows Phone. He brings some pretty cool features, with the delete messages already sent and to add a timer, so that your contacts only see a specific message for a time determined in advance by you.

  1. KiK Messenger

Do not expect many additional features in KiK because it was developed with the premise of rapid exchange of text messages. Thus, the application is limited to only this, but does so with excellence. Despite being out of the fray sending files and voice calls / video, KiK is available for major mobile platforms – Android, iOS Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Symbian.

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