Why Move to The Cloud?
Oct 24, 2016


Many people know it: The computer is full of data. They occupy a lot of space on the hard drive, but are rarely needed. We think only of the vast amounts of images from the past three holidays. It would be great these pictures to show friends and acquaintances, to recordable when traveling or sitting even in the kitchen.

For this, the Smartphone or tablet would be ideal. Finally, the least put today in front of the home computer to showcase photos. But it is precisely such data are rarely on mobile devices because they consume too much space. The cloud provides to this problem therefore the ideal solution.

Advantages of cloud – flexibility and mobility

The spectrum of services offered in the context of cloud computing ranges from software that has been outsourced to the cloud, to storage and additional processing power. Customers benefit from the fact that parts of the required IT landscape must no longer be operated itself, but be rented as a service with the provider. Data are then not placed on the local PC. You are instead in the virtual cloud service provider. A cloud allows users of data from anywhere and to dial from any device. Finally, the data are not at home on the computer, but shown at the cloud provider on the server. Documents, videos and photos are saved to the appropriate server center and available online. From any PC or mobile device with an Internet can be accessed. Clever tools also make it possible to bring folders and files simultaneously on the most recently, prior. Any changes will be synchronized immediately. This is made possible, among other apps for various smartphone systems. However, there are some restrictions on the availability. While the provider Dropbox support, for example operating systems iOS and Android, and Blackberry, provide competitors only for an operating system to a cloud service. In addition, cloud solutions can also be used for data backup. In terms of security there are several things to consider.

Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud security and data volume

Safety plays in the field of data backup in cloud a significant role. Because the providers are not liable for access by third parties generally. Customer files while industry giants Dropbox exposed vulnerabilities in the past repeatedly. There were increased problems with the encryption and the general data security at the online store. In order to produce data in case of loss again, most online stores have a free synchronization and backup function. Also, encryption is often offered. However, in order to raise the cloud security to an ideal level, it is recommended to use additional security products from companies. In this way, cloud-based environments against access by third parties can be protected concretely. This enhanced protection should privately be as important as enterprises. Especially recommended is the handle to security applications, which not only offer absolute safety but also ensure that the Agility, efficiency and cost advantages of cloud providers are not affected. Security products should be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure and complement existing security measures of the cloud provider.

Cloud Computing Services

Unfortunately, the free data volume from many providers is limited. In many places, the volume is between one and ten gigabytes. Generous photo collections or video and data between full backups exceed this volume quickly. This is a shame, however, can be added to rent space.

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