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Sep 17, 2016

Wordpress Web DevelopmentWordPress as a content management system – benefits for corporate websites

A good content management system (CMS) will make easy sustainably care of your company’s website and ensures that you can create new content quickly and easily. Countless side operators put their trust already in the free CMS WordPress. With an intuitive user interface, a wide range of expansion options and an open source licensing model WordPress offers great comfort at relatively low operating costs.

About WordPress

With approximately 61 percent market share is WordPress one of the most popular content management systems in the entire Web. But what is that, a content management system? In terms of websites is meant by CMS, a system that allows the site operator to manage content and thus relatively easy to create new pages, or to publish on the net. WordPress is one of the most popular CMS and is particularly popular with bloggers, because it was originally designed for the publication of Internet blogs and news sites. In recent years, WordPress has, however, strengthens further developed and turned into a modular system.

Meanwhile, the CMS not only covers the requirement from simple blogs. Current WordPress versions also are now more demands of professional corporate websites accessible and offer here a convenient alternative to comparable content management systems, of which some require high licensing costs. Also we have been working with WordPress and received this again very positive feedback from our customers.

WordPress benefits at a glance

Why is WordPress so popular? What strengths and benefits provide the free CMS over competing solutions? In this article, we would like the – from our experience with this versatile CMS – present the most important aspects in favor among users and page operation for WordPress and its clear success:


The source code of WordPress is licensed under the GPL license and is thus freely accessible. This allows you to free download the CMS to install and to use its own discretion – also for commercial projects. Behind WordPress also has a large developer community, which continued to develop the system and supplied with new features and regular security updates.


WordPress offers its users the maximum comfort, both in terms of the configuration, and in terms of long-term care of your website. The CMS can be installed on almost any PHP-based web space and this has only low demands on the hardware. For a Web page that was created with WordPress, therefore usually a discount hosting is enough. In the user interface of WordPress is primarily the user-friendliness. Unlike competing content management systems WordPress is beginner-friendly and not overloaded in its standard system with unnecessary features.


While the standard version of the content management system already includes all the major functionality in the core, WordPress can be Widens through plugins any new features. So you can WordPress the individual needs to adapt your web presence to the last detail, without that for each new function apply the sometimes high costs of the development. Alone in the official plugin directory of WordPress community are around 35,000 free plugins available. Furthermore, there are numerous vendors selling paid plugins for specific applications. And stands for your specific application once no suitable plugin with new plugins can be implemented at relatively low cost. It is important that you keep the compatibility of individual plugins in the eye. Of course, we can advise you in the selection and integration of new features and give you recommendations.


A striking advantage of WordPress is that this CMS does not work with a fixed design but with so-called “Themes”. A theme is roughly equivalent to a stylesheet. It determines how the individual elements of the page are formatted, defines the allocation of bottoms and ultimately defines which fonts, colors and design elements on the website are used. The great advantage of this theme is that you can deliver adjustments in design perform quickly and with little effort.

WordPress provides you with the installation by default already some themes with. If you need a custom design for your site, professional service as we also to create their own individual and customized Themes offer. If the budget is sometimes scarce, also can be used for a reasonable price at a variety of preset themes via appropriate platforms that are adaptable as needed according to your needs.

CMS Web Developers in India


Put the case you want to change the design of your website, but the content will be taken, which is not a problem with WordPress. All contents are in fact stored separately in a database. So you can change the current design theme of your WordPress site as desired, replace or redesign, while your content is automatically adapted to the new style. You’re retained even if major design changes are made, and cannot simply be lost. There are restrictions here only if you use special features that are not supported the new theme. On the compatibility of the respective themes so should still be taken. A big advantage of the technical separation of design and content is still that you relatively easy backups of content to create.


More and more users visit websites today have mobile devices like about the Smartphone or a tablet. WordPress supports optimizing websites for mobile view with many themes and features. The CMS is ideal to responsive web pages to create, which adapt to the screen resolution of the respective device automatically.


The best design will bring you no advantage is if your website is not well attended or simply not found. The majority of visitors come through search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. WordPress offers this advantage that basic features already integrated are making it easier for the search engines to index your website and move up in the rankings. Many WordPress Plugins enhance these features even or provide you with additional professional SEO analysis and statistics tools. Of course you can also on “SEO with WordPress” or generally about as required search engine marketing can assist us.


Regular updates are important to fix potential bugs to close security gaps and to improve the overall performance of your website. Both WordPress and most plug-in providers ensure that your software is always kept up to date. WordPress facilitates the updating of the CMS with a built-in update function that can be controlled via the administration interface.

WordPress Developers in India


The more complex the site, the more annoying it would be if your website would be hacked. Compared to other CMS WordPress has fortunately relatively good safety standards and this case has little similar vulnerabilities. However, should notice vulnerability, usually appears after a new update very short time that solves the problem immediately.

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