IT Infrastructure

A software development company has to have a minimal of certain pre requisites, which are mandatory for a successful completion of a task on hand. At Prakash Software, we take utmost care to surpass any sort of mishaps with our High-Tech/state of the art infrastructure. We are a firm which believes in hard work and acceptance of challenges, but with the inclusion of comfort as well. We take pride in our infrastructure, which qualifies as par acceptable to any software development company in India or even globally.

Our corporate base at Vadodara has ample space, accompanied with state of the art technological facilities and protected by the hazards of losses, experienced with climatic fluctuations. Our development mainstay is filled with the sense to achieve exemplary solutions, and even more. Our team always remains connected with the rest of the world, thanks to the redundant power supply, internet connection, with sufficient backup plans as well, so that unexpected and irrational faults may not hamper our seamless connectivity.

The key to a software solution on which the world marvels is proper understanding of the requirement, which is born out of clear communication. We realise the importance of effective communication between each and every discipline of the software development phase, right from the analysis till the deployment and even and every discipline of the software development phase, right from the analysis till the deployment and even in future queries. To further simplify the process of communication, we smartly use technology for our benefit, by having numerous tools and aides to achieve a basic necessity of harmonic communication.

Dedicated servers for software development

Special audio / video conference rooms

Connected via 12 MBPS connectivity through 3 different service providers for redundancy.

Secure Internal and External interface via Firewall and routers

Uninterrupted Power Supply and Back up Facility

Physical Access Controls at all office location

Standard devices for the best experience in international calls

Trending tools for software assessment and analysis

FTP logins for clients for the status of their project and discussions and forums for the same.

We are a software development company which understands the importance of Data Storage, and more importantly, the security of Data. We have the latest of technologies for data storage, which are in action round the clock, round the year. Our high speed connectivity and power backup options give you the liberty to feel secure about your Data. A regular and strict audit along with the able support of our team caters the optimal security of data, which is trustworthy and secure. We never compromise with the security, authenticity and sensitivity of data.It is always kept confidential, and only the dedicated team working on the project has access to it.


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