Prakash Group

The Prakash Group is an amalgamation of many industries which strive for the virtue called excellence. We are world leaders in a finite set, but with infinite qualities. From Chemicals to Herbal Products, from Financial to Telecom services, from Telecom to Trading, from Retail to Stationeries and Consumables, you name it, and will find that The Prakash Group is already an ace in the field. But this agility and vastness in our Group never compromises with quality, hence earning us the reputation of a Company with Vision.

We are spread across Europe, Australia, America, and Asia. With our symbiotic approach and with the domain knowledge of the scenarios, we keep delivering brilliant work, ever to the satisfaction of our clients and customers. We were born in the year 1950, and have steadily climbed the staircase of success, with our valiant efforts and honesty in our work. Our trump card is the equity we maintain between the experience and youth alike.

We took the world by storm and aim to reach greater heights accompanied by the content feel of our acquaintances and partners. We encourage the growth of the ‘e world’, by indulging in providing world class software solutions as well. Here is a brief about the expanse and limits of our companies, available at your service.

Vertical we serve

  • Prakash Chemicals Pvt. Ltd

    Flagship company trades in Pigments,Polymers & Industrial Chemicals

  • Prakash Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

    IT solutions

  • Prakash Chemicals Agencies Pvt. Ltd.

    Agent for Chemical Giants like GACL, GSFC, IPCL etc

  • Prakash Chemicals International Pvt. Ltd.

    Company engaged in exports of chemicals and commodities.

  • Prakash Financial Services (Guj.) Ltd.

    Industrial Finance

  • Prakash Teleservices Pvt. Ltd.

    Telecom solutions and Retailing

  • Prakash Gas Company

    Industrial gases

  • Super Services

    Logistics of industrial gases

  • Prakash Commodities Pvt. Ltd.

    Commodities trading

  • Prakash Tele – Marketing Pvt. Ltd

    Retail outlet for Tele shopping

  • Stationery And Paper Mart

    Retail and industrial supply of stationery and consumables


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