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Nov 21, 2017

How is Augmented Reality an Asset for Educational Applications?

More promising than virtual reality, expensive and difficult to put in place, augmented reality began to democratize in 2016, with the release of the Pokémon GO mobile game. However, it does not only have its place in fun applications: it also offers great opportunities in the educational field.

Focus on augmented reality

Unlike virtual reality, which recreates an artificial environment from scratch, augmented reality merely stacks objects into an existing environment. A 2D or 3D model is thus superimposed on the perception we have of our environment, in a realistic way. With this technology, you can, for example, embed text on a landscape, or paintings on a wall.

To experience augmented reality, you have to use equipment with a camera and a screen. It can be a video game console, a connected headset, a tablet or a smartphone.

The benefits of augmented reality in education

Augmented Reality App DevelopmentAugmented reality is very interesting in the didactic field, for both children and adults. It arouses curiosity by its innovative and visual aspect, which boosts student motivation. Then, it allows learners to be active: they do not just observe objects, but can interact with them, manipulate them, and scroll through them at their own pace.

Because it strongly stimulates visual memory and makes abstract things concrete, augmented reality would also allow faster comprehension and more efficient memorization, especially in scientific subjects.

The promising beginnings of augmented reality on mobiles

The number of mobile educational applications that use augmented reality is still limited. However, an experiment conducted in February 2017 showed the tremendous potential of this technology.

Five hundred students were able to test educational content created in partnership with teachers, in subjects such as SVT, history, music and road safety. Students and teachers are enthusiastic, even though they point out that augmented reality is not enough, and that traditional notebooks and pens are essential for memorizing and structuring thought.

Augmented reality App Development Services

Augmented reality is changing the way we view the world — or at least the way its users see the world. Our team of experts and skillful Augmented Reality developers has a proven track record of building useful and highly interactive AR applications.

Enhance your Branding & Marketing efforts

You can now take your marketing campaigns to the next level by creating cool Augmented Reality apps. Get 100% custom branded apps in accordance with your objectives and requirements. This allows you to create a healthier connection with existing customers and attract new ones. Such applications offer an immersive experience that paves way for two-way interaction among your customers and brand.

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