Big Mistakes to Avoid When Developing a Mobile App
Dec 8, 2016

Avoid MistakesTop Mistakes to Avoid While Developing a Mobile App

If you’re planning to build a mobile app, then you should avoid making such mistakes

Forgetting who the users are

Most of the developers and app owners forget to bear in mind the targeted users for the application. At all the stages of development, you should keep in mind the users of the app. recognize your users and spotlight on offering a great user experience. Keep the design and features straight forward so that users can realize them easily.

Too many features

Most of the business owners feel that adding too many features at once will help them save on the development costs. Doing this can have a negative impact on the success of your app. Having too many features can confuse the users. Lesser elements in the first version of app can attract the users and make them tempted to install the updates.

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Reusing old code

In order to save money on the development costs, some business owners fall into the trap of reusing the old code as they think that it helps them save cost and time. It is important to check whether the code was specifically designed to be reused or not. Be careful when you opt for reusing the code as it can be a tedious task for you to fix the bad code.

Too many pop-ups

Some apps have too many ads and notifications that can irritate the user. Excess of pop-ups can annoy the users and affect your business growth. Though pop ups are used for engaging the users, make sure that you don’t over-do them.

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Marketing after Submission

Most of the app owners think that marketing of the application requirements to be done only after the app is built and submitted to the App Store. The fact is that marketing should be started right from the idea conceptualization phase. Do not wait for the app to hit the App Store. You can consult your mobile app developer or app marketing experts to know how the marketing can be done.

When you are planning to build a mobile app, make sure that you put yourselves in users’ shoes and create the app that add value to customers’ lives. Pick the right mobile app Development Company and user-centric apps for the customers.

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