Solve: Partial rendering updates the page but CSS styles are lost.

In IE,  if you have a style-sheet updated to certain component (server component) and if…

Nov 10, 2008

Problem with AJAX popup extender and CollapsiblePanel in Opera

Opera randers HTML page bit differently then other browsers which will put your…

Nov 9, 2008

Solve: no permissions to open this file on Excel Services

As part of an effort estimation for a MOSS project that has something…

Oct 16, 2008

Create Share folder on remote machine through code

When you try to give share permission to folder on remote machine (i.e…

Oct 11, 2008

Use Enums for Bitwise Operation with Flags attribute

You may want to tag your enums with [Flags] should you need to…

Oct 3, 2008

A Brief Overview of ASP .Net HTTP Handlers and Modules

Whenever a request arrives at an IIS Web server, IIS examines the extension…

Sep 29, 2008

OUTPUT Clause in SQL Server 2005

SQLserver 2005: OUTPUT Clause What: OUTPUT Clause is used to return the rows affected…

Sep 22, 2008

Color structure — wondered what the heck is #0033FF ?

It is an attribute syntax with hexadecimal notation to describe the red, green,…

Mar 3, 2008

Solve MS Ajax Script loading error in Safari & Chrome

Safari 3x and Google Chrome uses javascript engine called WebKit and which causes…

Jan 16, 2008

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