Mobile Innovation, are you Ready?

Very often we want to do something innovative in the company, we come…

Nov 14, 2017

Microsoft Dynamics AX Update

In this update, the invoices stamp and the stamp of the payment complement…

Nov 12, 2017

Development of Hybrid Mobile Applications

Hybrid Mobile Apps Development If you are a developer or your company needs…

Nov 11, 2017

Android 8.0 Oreo: The 20 Essential Features

What’s new in Android O? It was expected last May, it is now…

Nov 11, 2017

Develop Software Internally or Hire a Supplier?

once you have made an in-depth analysis of the solutions offered in the…

Nov 10, 2017

Android 8.0 officials Oreo: Here are the 11 Features

Android 8.0 has officially arrived and we know it’s an O for Oreo….

Nov 10, 2017

Android Oreo or Android 8

Google has unveiled a new edition of Android (Code Name: Android O). The…

Nov 9, 2017

Android 8.0 Oreo | Features You Need To Know

Picture-in-picture As expected, Android Oreo incorporates a picture-in-picture mode, as on Android TV…

Nov 8, 2017

Deploy Office 365

Take advantage of all the benefits of Office 365 for a real increase…

Nov 4, 2017

Cloud Products Development Services

Cloud Computing and virtualization allow the creation of virtual machines and the use…

Nov 4, 2017

Development of software in the cloud

What is a software development service in the cloud? In the face of…

Nov 3, 2017

Behavior of Mobile Users

More and more time spent on mobile devices If for a long time,…

Nov 2, 2017

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