Why Your Business Should Have a Mobile App
May 11, 2017

7 Important Reasons7 Important Reasons Why Your Business Should Have a Mobile App

The great development of the Internet and new technologies has changed the way of selling. Thus, more and more users opt for the online environment to make their purchases and, within this; the mobile applications are in continuous boom. This is due to the high percentage of penetration of mobile devices in society, as well as the unbeatable advantages that these mechanisms offer to customers.

That is why brands, and with special attention retailers or retailers, should be very attentive to the behavior of users in the online medium and confirms their buying methods. This would test the impact that mobile applications have today, a strategy that they should bet if their intention is to maintain their sales pace, increase it and improve the user experience through them.

That’s why we offer seven major reasons why retailers should have an app in their online marketing strategies.


Every company must be attentive to what its competition does, more if it is developed and categorized as it is in the retail sector. Also, it must be taken into account that the commitment to mobile applications in this group of companies is a reality. It is enough to analyze the reports of the penetration of these solutions between the sectors.

If a few years ago small and medium companies valued the need to invest in a website, now they consider the importance of having a business app of their own. It is about reaching the widest possible audience and doing it 24 hours a day and in any imaginable situation. In a world where applications begin to have more weight than websites, whether in conventional format or in mobile format, having an enterprise app can become a not too distant future in the best and brightest of the Shop windows.

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Mobile applications are software that causes fury among users of mobile devices, whether they have a Smartphone or a tablet. So, just take a look at the customer screens to verify this statement. And best of all, the trend continues to grow.

Increased use of mobile devices makes enterprise applications a new way to capture customers. New users of the apps become subscribers to promotions and information, but also to brand prescribers. Many applications have the ability for users to share information and products through social networks or email.


A corporate app can integrate an e-commerce service, which allows the user to buy a product or book a service from the mobile, without having to make calls or move to the establishment. The business thus opens a new marketing channel that can increase sales.


The development of a mobile application allows companies to immediately inform users of relevant information as well as updates and other news that have recently occurred within the organization. Simply develop the application with these functions and be able to achieve much more seamless communication with customers.

These will thank you, as they will save to consult to the company on the changes produced. In the same way, through the apps companies can modify their catalogs more quickly and offer more useful information to customers.


Along the same lines, mobile applications are configured as vital tools for users, which even justify their existence as it improves them to use the technology of their Smartphone. This is due to the use of their cameras, which facilitate the location of the products they are looking for.

When registering for an application, users tend to conveniently link their data to those of a social network (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). In this way, the app provides valuable information to the SME, such as mail, and new followers, also increasing its presence in social networks. The SME can seamlessly integrate the business app into the rest of the online strategy.

Thus, apps also work as effective loyalty systems, which the retail sector can benefit from as it promotes customer retention and customer loyalty with respect to purchases.


Finally, mobile applications are an ideal medium that retail companies should use. This is due to the behavior of the consumer who increasingly uses more screens and formats when searching, selecting and carrying out their purchases.

That is why applications should be part of the online marketing strategy of retail companies, otherwise consumers can check their absence and start using the options offered by other brands of competition.

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