Offshore Development

An offshore development center has become a much sought after outsourcing option for clients. Setting up an offshore software development center is a very daunting and involves many risks, but the rewards are ample as well.

An offshore development center functions as an extension of the client’s office, the responsibilities of which we understand clearly. The highly experienced and expert offshore software development team of Prakash stays in touch with the client’s staff regularly regarding project concepts. Due to this, the offshore development center is able to execute tasks in complete coordination with the client team.

Prakash is an offshore development center, with high business potential and very high quality standards. Prakash not only reflects splendid efforts and razor sharp technical skills, but also trust, respect, understanding of requirements and commitments – on the basis of which the success of offshore software development center depends.

An offshore software development center should have regular, clear and specific communication with the clientele; being adhered to by us. A thorough discussion with the client, analysis of the project, along with cost and time constraints are given and strictly adhered to by us.

One of the biggest advantages of taking the support of an offshore software development center is that new ventures can be easily started, and work can be equally divided for optimization. Along with this, the client can focus on the main business, for growth of business.

Why does one have an advantage by partnering with Prakash Offshore Software Development?

  • Overcoming the time zone differences
  • Political stability
  • Quality resources
  • Command over language
  • Focus on core competencies
  • Cultural compatibility

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