What to Expect from iOS 11
Nov 21, 2017

What to Expect from iOS 11On June 5, during its traditional WWDC conference, Apple unveiled the new version of its mobile operating system for iPad and iPhone. While waiting for its release next fall, here is a little overview of what we have in store for iOS 11.

A smarter personal assistant

With iOS 11, Siri is taking a big step forward. He begins by changing his voice, to adopt a more natural and expressive tone. It also gets smarter, thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence. Better than ever, he is able to anticipate users ‘ queries by using their habits and context. It also features a new translation feature, allowing for the time to translate into French, Italian, German, Chinese and Spanish of queries made in English.

Let the music!

On the side of Apple Music, there is something new: the application becomes social, and now allows you to create a profile and consult the playlists of your friends. AirPlay 2 is also making great progress and allows a better control of the audio system of the house. This will perfectly synchronize speakers and compatible products, such as Apple TV or HomePod, and broadcast music in several different rooms.

More beautiful pictures

The iPhone camera has two size improvements. The professional quality of new filters is available, and the photographs taken in low light are better. The portraits and the flesh tones, in particular, have a better rendering. The second novelty is the use of HEIF compression technology or High-Efficiency Image File Format. This featherweight format makes it possible to take pictures of excellent quality while gaining storage space.

More powerful apps

The App Store is getting a new look and now looks like Apple Music. It has been redesigned to better highlight the applications with a section for games, of chronic daily on apps, and lists of applications classified by style. iMessages gaining better capabilities synchronization between devices, while maps adopt a fashion “do not disturb” to use while driving, and welcomes cards “indoor  ” airports and shopping centers.

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