Dec 5, 2017

With hundreds of thousands of apps on Google Play and the App Store, making a good first impression is essential to making your mobile app stand out from the crowd. A beautiful icon is a must to seduce users and anchor their brand in their memory.

Icon for mobile appSimplicity first and foremost

Simplicity is Mike Stern’s first tip, “User Experience Evangelist” at Apple, during the 2014 Worldwide Developer Conference. The mobile developer says that an effective icon must be instantly rememberable and identifiable. However, as the size of an icon on the screen of a smartphone is very small, simplicity is required, both in terms of shapes and colors: Mike Stern advocates and be limited to one or two colors.

Avoid text and photos on your mobile app’s icon

Using a photograph as an icon can be tempting. However, it is a trap in which one should not fall. Indeed, it may give some air to the icon of his mobile application.

In terms of text, it is necessary to be minimalism and avoid including on the icon of its mobile application. Instead, it is better to use a symbol or a logo. Be especially careful to respect the consistency between the graphic universe of your application and its icon.

Be creative

Above all, it is important not to confuse simplicity with banality. When it comes to application icons, we can be creative by playing on the effects of light and texture. If you are designing an icon for the App Store, avoid the “gloss” effect that is used by a large number of applications, and therefore far too common.

Virtual Reality Open for Mobile Application

Some particularly effective icons use the shape of the button to stage their design: the square of the icon is thus a plate for Evernote Food, a mug of beer for the application Brewski Me, or a camera for Instagram and Hipstamatic apps.

A beautiful icon on all screens

Whether its icon is for an application on Android or iPhone, it should be as beautiful in small format as full-screen view. It must also stand out on all wallpapers: it is therefore essential to test its rendering on several colors of different wallpapers.

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