Importance of In-App Messaging Within Mobile Apps
Nov 21, 2017

The in-app messages are one of the strategies which the applications have to communicate with their customers and build a strong relationship with them. Properly used, these notifications make it possible to engage the dialogue with the mobile users and ultimately promote the commitment and the loyalty of the user.

What are the in-app messages?

In-app messages, or in-app notifications, are sent to mobile users while they are using a mobile app and can take the form of banners, inserts, or even interstitials or entire pages. They are distinguished from push notifications, which are displayed outside the application, and which have the same purpose: push notifications are aimed at bringing users back to the application while in-app messages are intended to interact with them during use.

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A complex but effective strategy

Unlike push notifications, in-app messages are harder to implement correctly: they are highly contextual, while push notifications can be sent at any time. However, push notifications will be more often ignored. In-app messages, however, are more interesting: they cannot be disabled, as are often push notifications, and, as they are targeted, they are much more effective.

The goals of in-app messages

In-App MessagingThe in-app strategy can be used for several reasons. This type of message is often used by applications to communicate with their users to obtain feedback or advice. Since users have only minimal effort to respond (for example, choosing a star number of 1 to 5), communication barriers are very low.

In-app messages can also be displayed in case of a bug or malfunction, to reassure the user and prevent him from abandoning the application. Also widely used in onboarding, in-app messages help to understand how a mobile application works.

Finally, it is also relevant to use in-app messages to present a new feature or a promotional offer just implemented within the application.

How to make good use of in-app notifications

In-app messages should not be one-way: so give the user the ability to easily return. If he does, he must then be informed that his feedback or question has been taken into account. When developing the mobile application, it is also crucial to send these notifications at the right time, which can sometimes be difficult to identify: it can be just before a purchase, in the case of a promotion, or after an important action for the presentation of a new service. Above all, do not hesitate to do tests to best target in-app messages and maximize their effectiveness.


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