Mobile Gaming Apps
Dec 2, 2017

MOBILE GAMING APPSCategory queen of blinds, mobile gaming applications are today more popular than ever, reflecting a real current trend. As proof, more and more traditional video game publishers (Nintendo, Sony) are showing a real desire to impose themselves on the mobile applications sector.

The opportunity to come back on the main features of this type of mobile applications, now very popular with users.

Mobile gaming, a globally popular market

Since 2016, the smartphone has become the first medium used for video games, in front of computers and home consoles. One of the reasons for this is the ability of users to access these mobile applications at any time, in any type of location, and without additional equipment: at work, during travel, on public transit…

A broader target for these mobile apps

One of the peculiarities of mobile games is that they can reach a broader target than “traditional” video games. In fact, developers have the opportunity to design mobile applications for various games, of any type, and easily accessible. Specificity to be able to please the greatest number. The amount and variety of games available on the stores is such that each mobile application can have the opportunity to find users.

Mobile applications that meet the uses

Mobile gaming is just as good, but it’s because it’s a perfect fit for today. Quick to install, users can then devote the desired time with the same gaming experience: 5 minutes, 15 minutes or 30 minutes, mobile applications can very easily occupy the user on short times that correspond to the uses of today: public transport, waiting times, breaks, etc.

Social networks promote social connection to a community

The use of social networks on Smartphone, and the integration of these in mobile games also strengthen the membership of a community, and triggers social connections: players wanting to beat their friends are more likely to pay to get there. Conversely, they can leave the game more easily if their “private” circle is no longer there.

With more than 2.6 billion users worldwide, mobile gaming applications are on the rise. After a record year 2016 in terms of revenue generated, 2017 shows a similar trend and confirms the major importance of this type of application.

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