Mobile Innovation, are you Ready?
Nov 14, 2017

Mobile InnovationVery often we want to do something innovative in the company, we come up with ideas that can be great successes or big failures, or as I call it: investment or expense. The problem comes when the idea that we give to the general direction is in the air, without feet or head, or, if we own, it is only in our heads.

On many occasions we dare to make it happen, hire the development provider and tell them what we want, but in the end, even before starting the project, we change the scope of what we want to innovate, and we end up developing something very different, or what is worse, the App is never finished developing.

So, how do I make it so that my idea can be a reality? The answer may sound simple, but discipline is needed, it is a complex process, the idea has to be clear, it has to have a beginning and an end, or at least the end of the first stage. All innovation needs to be fed and to grow, in the mobile world you cannot create something and leave it that way, it has to be fed and renewed.

The industry of systems grows excessively fast and with it the world of the apps grows and they are generating changes in the companies and industries; That is why it is very normal that nowadays you want to make a strategy to have your own App and make use of technology for different areas of the company, such as marketing, operational processes, sales, finances, etc.

Technological innovation is a significant decision for any company regardless of the direction it is dedicated. It is very interesting to know that with a mobile device you can give another face totally to your company, things that you had not imagined; in that sense, there are a variety of mobile apps that provide interesting solutions that will help save time and improve productivity. However, a large corporate majority does not know what types of applications exist, so they do not know in what area to innovate.

Mobility offers multiple advantages to companies, such as labor flexibility and the possibility of accessing corporate data from anywhere, which translates into the acceleration of decision making. With the help of applications for the business segment, it is possible to distribute the workload between the company’s office or headquarters and other places. This represents an important advance since in many jobs it is necessary to make continuous trips or even long trips.

The advantages that mobility offers for companies generally refer to flexibility in the work, to the optimization of processes due to the obtaining of information in real time and the improvement of corporate communications. The merit of the business software developed for mobile is to allow the performance of office tasks outside of this, optimizing productivity.

The big challenge of the apps is that many companies do not know where to start; the above is normal, because mobile technology brings many doubts to the table, on the one hand, you have to decide the technology in which you want to develop (native, multiplatform, for Android, for iOS), and on the other hand the devices that you will use to be able to service your App. Android and iOS are two very different worlds, as is developing natively or using multiplatform technology.

Therefore, the launch of application consists of a complex process, first, you have to give shape to the idea that will later be developed.

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