ECommerce Retail Application

Business Needs

The client has a huge network of retailers wherein their customer can buy the products. They were managing all the sales records manually on paper which made client life difficult when we consider it on a large scale. So the initial idea was to develop the application that would replace this manual work

Technology Skill Set

  1. Scandit Scanner SDK for QR Code generation,
  2. Android Studio 3.0,
  3. Data logic SDK

Technical Objectives

  1. Barcode Scanner Integration for scanning the products
  2. Data logic Hardware integration
  3. Scandit API integration

PSSPL Solution

We developed a highly scalable android application through which he can manage client’s sales order details and can perform sales order activities. This application resided with the person that would generate bills and would create the order based on the products selected by the customer. Some of the features of this application includes

  1. Adding customers and products manually as well as with help of Barcode Scan
  2. Choosing the option of home delivery of product or take away
  3. Setting up prepayments where user have the option to pay some amount of their total order amount at that particular instance
  4. Applying discount functionality on individual product as well as total order
  5. Selecting the delivering option for product in morning or noon session with the option of selecting the preferable dates with a nice calendar control
  6. Search option for sales order, customers, and product
  7. Cart Functionality which shows the summary of your total order
  8. Printing an email option for Sales Order Receipt.
  9. Direct printing option if the application is connected to particular printer
  10. Integrating our application with “Datalogic Hardware”
  11. Eliminating the need of login by integrating feature of a guest user.
  12. We integrated Price motion API to compare the product price with different markets


  1. Application developed by Prakash helped him to increase the productivity of client’s employee as it saved lot of time
  2. Tracking of records made easy with our application by displaying all the records
  3. Integration of barcode scanning functionality made it easy to integrate products in orders
  4. Direct print functionality eliminated the pain of carrying the sales order.
  5. The home delivery option made just a click away.

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